Here at Becker’s, we offer professional consultancy and tree reports for a number of customers which normally fall into 3 categories:

Health and safety surveys

Mortgage for insurance purposes

Development Site Surveys

Health and Safety Surveys

Health and safety surveys and tree reports are often required for a wide range of industries, and we have certified professionals on hand to complete full reports, general advice and consultation for the tree and site clearance work you require.  Our customers include landlords, flats, managerial accounts, schools, golf clubs, housing association, hospitals, and many more.  Health and safety surveys can vary on lots of different factors, so site visits are required.  Please get in contact with us on 0208 508 3832 to arrange a survey.

Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports/Consultation

Persons applying for mortgages or re-mortgages often require a tree report as part of their application process due to the effects that trees and other greenery can have on the property, any planned improvements to the property or for insurance purposes.  We have performed hundreds of such reports, and are available for different throughout the process of your application once our tree report has been produced should any complications arise.  To discuss your needs, please call us on 0208 508 3832.

Development Site Surveys

For planning applications to be approved, planning legislation requires that trees and greenery are assessed and fully taken into consideration from the outset of the design process by a qualified arboriculturalist. As a bear minimum, Local Planning Authorities demand compliance with the frame work set out in ‘British Standard 5837: 2005 Trees in relation to construction – Recommendations‘ (BS 5837: 2005).

Becker’s consultants have the expertise to assist our customers in all aspects of tree and design assessment, maintenance and subsequent protection, from site acquirement through to completion. Typically the stages are as follows:

  1. Tree Survey
  2. Tree Constraints Plan
  3. Advice to the design team
  4. Arboricultural Impact Assessment
  5. Arboricultural Statement and Protection Plan
  6. Site consultation during the construction and build phase

Becker’s consultants are vastly experienced professionals, with a wealth of knowledge. This gives our clients a valuable insight into government agencies prior to submission of documentation and a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure a successful outcome.

To arrange a consultation, please call 0208 508 3832.