Stump removal is the complete removal of a tree stump, above the ground and any roots of the tree beneath the ground from the original tree.  We have performed thousands of stump removals and our tree surgeons are highly trained and have the very best equipment available.  Depending on the size of the tree stump and the original tree, works may be carried out using hand tools (smaller trees) or various machinery (larger trees) such as stump grinders or diggers.

We have worked on many, many different stump removal jobs and our consultation can prove invaluable as we can advise as to whether stump removal or stump grinding is the best course of action, and the implications it may have in the future.

If stump removal is the best course of action, we will also level the resulting hole from the excavation of the tree roots, and use the grinding waste and soil to fill the hole to leave a level surface with turfing also available.