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When a tree needs to be removed it is usually because it presents a hazard or has died. Safety is paramount and our highly trained team will ensure everything goes smoothly.


Tree surgeon Loughton

Tree pruning plays an important part in the care and maintenance of a healthy tree. It encourages new growth and keeps them looking neat and attractive.

Crown Reduction

Tree surgeon Loughton

Sometimes there is a need to selectively remove branches and stems of a tree in order to reduce the height or spread with minimal impact to the health of the tree.

Stump Removal

Essex tree surgeons

Once a tree has fallen or been cut down, the stump needs to be removed. This can be done by grinding the stump or by cutting the root system and digging out the remaining stump.

Tree surgeon Loughton

Essex Tree Surgeon Loughton

We have the tree surgery expertise you need. Our extensive knowledge of how to care for trees is what you are looking for. If you want a reliable tree surgeon we are ready to help you. Our excellent service is available for less than you think.

We have all the necessary equipment in order to carry out our work efficiently and safely. Some of the equipment we use includes timber trailers, cranes, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, safety harnesses and chainsaws. Our work is carried out to a high standard. Be assured that we will not harm or damage the environment in which we work, as we work with complete respect for the surroundings and the trees themselves.

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ISA: Essex tree surgeons
Delighted with the service Becker Tree Services provided. They were friendly, professional and punctual. They also helped with our application to the local council. Extremely well done job at a fair price. Would definitely recommend them again and again. Thank you.